In-Furrow / Starter

Liquid Fertilizer In-Furrow Application

In-furrow application with AgroLiquid’s slow-release fertilizer allows you to nourish your plants and restore your soil with minimal risk of over-salinization or seed injury. With a fertilizer program formulated by our expert agronomists, your seedlings will be supported by essential macronutrients, micronutrients, and biologicals needed for strong initial growth.

In-furrow fertilizer applications help to reduce fertilizer run-off and keep nutrients nearer to the developing roots. One of the risks of planter fertilizer is that in-furrow nutrients can easily become tied up in the soil when they combine with soil ions. When this happens, they become unusable to plants at a crucial developmental stage. Our liquid fertilizers are designed to prevent this from happening. The Nutriq Technology enables slow release, allowing plant roots to absorb the nutrients slowly, as needed at various times during the growth cycle. This slow release also prevents seed injury and leaf burn.

The best nutrient program and placement for your plants depends on the plant type, nutrient content of your soil, your crop’s root structure, precipitation, and other factors. With a soil test, tissue test, and a custom fertilizer plan developed by an experienced agronomist, we will help you develop the best in-furrow fertilizer application method and program to start your crops.

Best AgroLiquid Fertilizers for In-Furrow Application

  • PrimAgro N, P, K, and C-TECH
  • High NRG-N
  • N-Response
  • eN-hance
  • Pro-Germinator
  • Sure-K
  • Kalibrate
  • accesS
  • LiberateCa

In-Furrow Fertilizer Application is ideal for:

  • Corn, wheat, soybeans, and other row crops at planting
  • Reducing nutrient run-off and environmental damage
  • Encouraging fast, robust growth at planting
  • Planting early

Make a Custom Fertilizer Plan

Talk with one of our agronomists to learn more about designing a custom nutrition plan for your plants. We’ll review your soil samples, crop needs, budget, and other factors to determine the best in-furrow and starter fertilizer plan for you.